Affiliate Disclosure

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Who Funds is fully funded through commissions from casinos we advertise. To put it simply, casinos fund this website to evaluate their site and services and provide a realistic review for potential customers to see. As a trusted review website, casinos invest in us to get an unbiased review of their sites that they can use to improve and/or promote themselves with customers.

What Does ‘Affiliate Marketing’ Mean in the Casino Industry?

As casino affiliates, we collaborate with online casinos and review their services, products and sites. The goal of our website is to inform players about casino sites. We act as the middleman connecting the casinos with the gambler, and the gambler with the casino.

On one hand, we help players find sites that meet their needs and expectations. On the other, we help casinos promote themselves on our website, and get paid a commission for it. This form of advertising is applied in ecommerce as well as other industries, and is very common in the gambling world.

What Are Affiliate Links?

To get funded by casinos, we use links to their websites in our rating lists and reviews. We then get a commission for every player who uses the links on our site to access that of the casino. The links come with a special affiliate ID to show the casino that the player accessed their site with a link from this website, and cookies are used to track this on our side, too.

How Are We Affiliated with Casinos?

Our site operates as a business. The purpose of this website is to inform players of what websites offer and what they can expect when playing on them. We review sites that are trending with players, as well as other casinos on request, and give up-to-date, honest information about each website. This way, players can decide where to play solely by reading our reviews.

Does Casino Affiliation Impact Our Reviews

Affiliation with casinos doesn’t impact our reviews in any way. This site is based on transparency and honesty, which is why it is such a highly trusted source with players worldwide. Our goal is to make it possible for players to find information about casinos without having to spend money there first, or spend hours roaming their pages for information. As you’ll see in our reviews, we only post accurate information and never lead the players to choose one site over the other. The decision is up to the customer, and we provide them with the data they need to make safe, informed decisions.

Will It Cost You More to Play at Casinos Linked on Our Site?

Not at all. On our website, you will learn about the bonuses that casinos give, so you might even get better prices when playing at the casinos we review. We’ll tell you if there’s a code applicable, as well as advise you on the bonus terms so that you can enjoy the best offers and not miss anything good.

Our affiliation with casinos doesn’t come at the cost of players. It is the casinos that fund us based on our affiliate link, and you will in no way be asked to cover any expenses.

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