Responsible Gambling

When we talk about responsible gambling, we mean knowing your limits and being aware that this hobby can’t be your source of monthly funds. Now, let’s get more in detail and see how this can affect you and the people around you.

What Does It Mean to Gamble Responsibly?

Gambling can become serious when individuals use it to earn income or bet more money. Responsible wagering includes establishing boundaries for yourself, taking breaks, not using betting as financing, and only playing with the cash you can afford to lose. Casinos also need to be mindful that many of the clients who are returning may have gone through tough times, including unemployment, depression, the loss of a loved one, and increased anxiety. All of these elements frequently play a role in this addiction.

How to Spot Gambling Problems?

Most casual players usually limit how much they’re willing to bet. However, those who have a problem with this kind of hobby feel the need to keep betting. They usually do this to win back the money they’ve lost. Let’s look at some of the most frequent signs of gambling issues.

  • Having a gambling obsession
  • Increasing the stakes in order to be thrilled
  • Ineffective attempts to control or stop gambling
  • You experience anxiety when you try to limit yourself
  • Betting to avoid issues
  • Increasing gaming in to return lost money
  • Lying about how much you put at stake
  • Putting at risk or losing crucial relationships
  • Asking for help to get out of debt

How Does Gambling Affect Your Loved Ones?

Betting issues can significantly impact families. Intimate partners and other relatives are all impacted by these issues. Some of the most frequent consequences of this addiction on family members are damaged family connections, emotional issues, and financial challenges. This can also lead to family violence because of the frustration of losing money or even not being in the casino at the moment. Kids have a bigger risk of having wagering issues in the future.

Steps in Overcoming the Addiction

By seeking help for your wagering issues, you may gain control over your income, time, and life while minimizing the effects on your relationships, family, and mental health.

Here are some ways how Australians can overcome this problem:

  • Acknowledge the existence of an issue
  • Speak with somebody you can trust, like a close friend, a family member, a doctor, or a healthcare provider
  • Make a call to the gambling helpline (1800 858 858)
  • Speak with a support organization like Gamblers Anonymous
  • Consult a financial advisor (Service Finder)

Support Organizations in Australia

Because betting is becoming a serious problem, Australians decided to take things into their hands. They provide a few ways that can help them with their gambling problem.

  • Free Gambling Hotline (24/7 chat, email, and phone support) at 1800 858 858
  • National Debt Hotline (assists you from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday)
  • Free Financial Counseling
  • Website for Anonymous Players
  • Gambler’s Help Youthline at 1800 262 376 (only for those younger than 25)
  • The Australian Government’s Department of Social Services
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